Bitcoin ATM Machine Producer


SwissMine is a full-service ATM machine producer specializing in digital currency payment platforms for users, merchants, and mining operations. Based on open-source protocol, it payment platforms operate on a decentralized network that is independent of national banks and monetary policies.

Founded in 2013, SwissMine is headquartered in Switzerland.

By leveraging their digital currency market expertise, the SwissMine team aims to deliver innovative, competitive, secure and fully proprietary solutions to their partners. Focus is on one single ecosystem of digital currency payments for users, merchants, payment solutions and mining operations. As a result, the company has successfully developed a full suite of digital currency solutions, products and services that are ready for market. In 2014, the company claimed it had manufactured what was probably the first 2-way cryptocurrency ATM with paper wallet function in Europe or at least Switzerland.

ATM locations for SwissMine