Bitcoin Já

Bitcoin ATM Machine Producer


Bitcoin Já is a Portugese company and offers investments in blockchain technology, more specifically development of business solutions and commercial products. The company began operations in Lisbon in October 2014 Bitcoin Já offers complete and integrated solutions designed for excellent user experience, guaranteeing maximum profitability to the operator.

Bitcoin Já ATM offers the following features:

Easy to operate thanks to standalone equipment
Smart note recycler
Maintenance-free thermal printer
Management software with automatic, daily and monthly transaction reports
Solid metal construction with defined fixing points
Access to the internal safe through several security precautions
Owner has absolute control over his or her virtual currency portfolio.
Remote management of number of validations for payments, transaction fees (%) to be applied in the sale and purchase + mining fees, multiple email notifications, withdrawal limit and purchases, %) of VAT, among others.

ATM locations for Bitcoin Já

Rua 5 de Outubro 31 9000-079 Funchal Portugal
Bitcoin ATM Bitcoin Ja Funchal OurinvestUpdated

No fees